Precision is the key to creating an accurate working floorplan. But don’t worry, if you don’t feel comfortable doing this yourself, we do free in home estimates where we come out and take the measurements. With that short prelude, let’s dive into how simple it is for you to send us your plans. Don’t worry, we have a picture for you to look at after the guided steps.


On a piece of paper, if you have a gridded one it would be easier, sketch our an outline of your kitchen. It doesn’t have to be to scale, just be sure to place your measurements.


Add in to your sketch where you have windows, doors, columns where you may like to place your island if you don’t have one already.


Now add in the general location of your appliances, sink, microwave, refrigerator and etc. Make note of their width as well, standard stoves are typically 36″ wide but it’s good to double check.


Measure all of your walls. If there are any obstacles like fireplaces please place those in your measurements as well. Also include the height of the room and any soffits (the parts of the ceiling that step down, often above a cabinet). Measure the height of soffits from both the ceiling and the floor.


Make a note of how wide your windows and doors are, also how tall they are. Then measure from the outside of the trim of your window or door to the edge of the wall and note those on your sketch.

Extra Credit

Note where you might have a waterline, drain line, gas line or an electrical outlet. Then take a several pictures making sure to include the entire space, 2 – 4 pictures will do making sure we see each side of the kitchen.

Example of a potential floor plan :

And there you have it, piece of cake, it took you no time at all and you may have even gained a deeper understanding of your kitchen and what could go where better if you are planning a complete remodel of your home especially.  Thank you for taking the time to learn more about how we do our floor planning, again don’t worry if you don’t feel comfortable doing this.  We are experts and will take the time to come out to your when ever necessary.